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CustomCalc - Android custom calculator

CustomCalc is the most complete and user friendly financial calculator or scientific calculator. It can work in RPN or Algebraic and have an astonishing array of built-in functions and features:, for mathematical, financial, business, trigonometric, scientific, statistical, and unit conversion functions, date and time calculation. The user can redefine buttons to custom calculator in pretty much any way desired. Qualified by customers as the best replacement for HP & TI scientific calculator and financial calculator, as HP-11c, HP-12c, HP-17b, HP-19b, TI-BAii

It has all scientific, math, trig, statistics, business, conversions, financial, and every function you've ever need, on a simple, easy to use program. The TVM (present value PV, future value FV, payment PMT) loan calculation, mortgage calculation and Cash flow (Internal rate of return IRR & Net present value NPV) worksheets are perfect for people who work better in a visual environment.

University students, MBA students, high school students and professors find in Custom Calc a powerful application that lets them leave aside

financial calculator


scientific calculator

, their agenda and calculator, in their smartphone

In addition to the financial and scientific functions found in a traditional calculator, Custom Calc offers the following features:

Through a very quick access from the keyboard. Other functions frequently used in financial decisions are:

Tested in almost android phones acer, anydata, archos, asus, byd, barnes and noble, cellon, compal, coolpad, dell, digi-in, enspert, foxconn, fujitsu, toshiba, funai, gigabyte, gigaset, google, hp, hp slate, htc, htc one, haier, hisense, hon hai, huawei, inq, intel, jvc kenwood, kt tech, kobo, kyocera, lg optimus lge, lenovo, lumigon, msi, micromax, mobiwire, motorola, razr, nec, life touch, nvidia, nikon, openpeak, oppo, panasonic, pantech, pegatron, phillips, positivo, quanta, semc, sharp´, sk telesys, sharp, aquos, sk telesys, samsung, galaxy, sanyo, sony, ericsson, sumitomo, tct mobile, technicolor, teleepoch, toshiba, thrive, vertu, vizio, xiaomi, zte, iriver