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Advanced math functions

Developed over the logic of HP's and TI's calculators, CustomCalc is very appreciated by mathematicals and statisticiam who find in it a perfect replacement for their traditional calculators.

CustomCalc offers two input modes (RPN, and Algebraic) and an astonishing array of built-in functions and features, both scientific and financial. The user can redefine buttons to customize the calculator in pretty much any way desired. By being able to customize the calculator, you can have the functions you use most of the time right where you want them.

  • There are 113 keys you can define from hundreds of functions (math, trig, financial, time, etc., and dozens of conversions).
  • It just takes one or two key strokes to get your answer.
  • Customizing your own calculator is easy using CustomCalc. Using it makes you more efficient
  • You can store 12 numbers in the memory registers and display them all at once in the view.

Through a quick access from the keyboard, it offers the following functions:

  • Logarithmic
  • Trigonometrical in radiants, degrees and gradients
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Polar and Rectangular coordinates conversions
  • Jenifer Ray
    "Fantastic app!! I'm an engineer and this app save me a lot of time. Work like a charm. If you're student or professional this app is a MUST. Contain all the necessary Scientific Functions. Thanks a lot!!"

  • Brian Noller
    "I, as a teacher of computers, math and physics am lost without it!"

  • David Fuller
    "I think I have tried all of the scientific calculators..., but CustomCalc is the only one I have registered. It works close enough to the HP calculator I have used for many years that I now don't need to carry it"