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User reviews

  • Raffaele Branda
    "Great calculator app I love this app. It has all the math functions and most important it is fully customizable! Great app!"

  • Alexander Sabonge
    "Fantastic For the longest time I have been looking for an app that allows me to do and create custom calculations. This app does it in a very intuitive way. Why I dont understand is how is it free. Its a great tool. Use it daily on my classes and most of my students found it extremely useful."

  • Ankesh Jain
    "Nice apps This apps help u in making calculation, as a customize calculator u can make it"

  • Sarah Gartin
    "Cool app Pretty handy app here. will use it for college math classes."

  • Nirmal Kumarr
    "This one is easy to use and I really love it... Having fun with it, easy operation"

  • Bhavana Perumukkala
    "Great app CustomCalc is a unique customized calculator..."

  • Sarah Parker
    "So much more than just a calculator I got this app to use as a scientific calculator but it's so much more than that. The interface and menu options mean that I can calculate almost anything without knowing the formula. The unit conversion and tax calculation shortcuts are particularly useful for me. Very happy, a great investment. A+""

  • Michael Barthelmess
    "Fantastic App, Very Quick and Intuitive Interface This App Is a time saver, very easy to use interface. Great to use as a Scientific Calculator. This App has literally a Myriad of options that will be appreciated by engineers as well as everyday users. Totally recommendable App!"

  • Pravee N
    "The best calculator which gives you the ease of customizing the way you want it. Smart. It works fast, time saver."

  • Augusto Gabaldoni
    "The best calculator I have tried dozens of calculator apps and this one is by far the best! It is very powerful and it is customizable like no other! A must have app!"

  • Kandee Eller
    "Fantastic! A Quick & Powerful Calculating Tool for your EVERY Need! CustomCalc is by far the best Calculating App on the market hands down! This is a powerhouse Application that I will use daily. It has many unique functions that help both Business professionals, students and the scientific minded as well. It is fully customizable and can perform right along with many of today’s leading financial and scientific calculators. You can say goodbye to lugging these bad boys around anymore! Thank you! I love the currency exchange feature as well as the unit conversions and Trigonometric/Algebraic mode. I have been playing with it for a few days now and I honestly don’t think the developers of this app missed a thing within "

  • Ariel Porchera
    "Best calculator app on market I tested several days and I have no plan to uninstalling it. Not only useful, but also is really light and fast to operate. Have tons of functions that I have no idea about, but for what I use its a big A++ Worth every single penny."

  • Jenifer Ray
    "Fantastic app!! I'm an engineer and this app save me a lot of time. Work like a charm. If you're student or professional this app is a MUST. Contain all the necessary Scientific Functions. Thanks a lot!!"

  • Nick Thompson
    "What I was looking for is here!! If you're in business you need this one. Easy to use the financial, business, currency exchange functions. The best deal here is that you can customize your keyboard to work like a calculator. Fantastic."

  • Demian Milovic
    "Impressive I'm impressed. It's very easy to use, it's intuitive and have a lot of functions. Best calculator so far on the market."

  • Daniel Williams
    "I am enjoying CustomCalc. It is just 'amazing'."

  • Anita Matoshi
    "Simply wonderful!!! This is an awesome calculator ~ very easy to work out and access. And the best thing is that there are no adds attached to it. I highly recommend it to everyone. Definitely a 5 star winner."

  • Khushal Modi
    "Fantastic Android Application."

  • Kapil Sharma
    "Stunning Android Application."

    "User friendly app. Must install this"

  • Honey Singh
    "Brilliant Android Application."

  • Swt Rose
    "Best application."

  • Saif Khan
    "Fantastic Application."

  • Sandy Kumar
    "Good Application."

  • Swaty Dundi
    "amazing apps ... very very nice..."

  • Adolphus Knight
    "I would recommend this app to all my friends. I still can't believe it's free. I really love all the different things you can do with it."

  • Laho Sach
    "Fantastic Application."

  • Chandrakant Vaishya
    "Must Lovely. I like thise apps. Please download and enjoy apps.."

  • Mandela Satish
    "Excellent calculator this application is very useful for custom calculation purpose"

  • Zaheer Khan
    "Good Brilliant Android Application."

  • Hrithik Roshan
    "Nice Superb Android Application."

  • Varun Dhawan
    "Good Awesome Application Ever."

  • Tom Perryman
    "This is the best calculator out there"

  • Greg Robinson
    "I am a structural engineer and the program is perfect for my needs."

  • James Vaughan
    "I have trialled all of the financial calculators that I could find and CustomCalc is the clear winner in my opinion."

  • Dan Will
    "I reviewed the user's manual and was impressed by the power, flexibility, and ease of use of CustomCalc. I will look forward to future upgrades, particularly, dec/hex conversion... Thanks again. Dan"

  • Bill Bonnar
    "it's a great product that I use all the time."

  • Stu McNaughton
    "This is a great product." "…this thing really works great! Everything but natural algorithms."

  • Mike Lipphardt
    "…thanks for a really neat calculator!"

  • Sergio Bastos
    "I use the CustomCalc daily and it's fantastic." "It's a great calculator!"

  • Alex Wietharn
    "CustomCalc is well written and I enjoy the flexibility"

  • George A Spiggle
    "Great product"

  • Shane Short
    "This is without a doubt the best calculator that I have seen"

  • Eric Shinault
    "I teach finance to MBA students at Webster University and I always recommend your product. Its still the best finance calculator out there"

  • Andy Richards
    "Being a lifelong HP calculator user, I don't know what I would do without my CustomCalc"

  • Alan Adler
    "Really like CustomCalc am a statistician and it's really good"

  • Alan Steel
    "One of the most useful and reliable tools"

  • Steve Stambach
    "CustomCalc is my favorite app."

  • Tom Osborne
    "Nice job on the design. It took me a while to find you, but it was worth it. I am a bit particular when it comes to calculators, and yours is just fine."

  • Ugo Dilullo
    "I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for a calculator and yours is truly a great one. Now that they no longer make the HP 11C, yours is the best replacement."