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CustomCalc ease MBA students life

MBA's, University and high school students and professors find in CustomCalc a powerful application that lets them leave aside financial or scientific calculators and carry both, their agenda and calculator, in their Smartphones.

It has all math, trig, statistic, business, conversions, financial (including IRR and NPV), and every function you've ever need, on a simple, easy to use program.

  • The TVM and Cash flow sheets are perfect for people who work better in a visual environment.
  • Customizing your own calculator is easy using CustomCalc. Using it makes you more efficient

Recommended by professors of finance, statistics, and mathematics courses in both undergraduate and graduate levels, CustomCalc has been developed to be used in a very intuitive way.

Students appreciate

  • The combination of power and simplicity of the calculator
  • The financial worksheets that show all the variables in one shot.
  • The easy customization that lets them put the functions they use most where they prefer them to be.
  • The possibility to define multiple profiles, and use a ‘specific calculator’ (profile) for each course or area.

Students and professors from the next institutions use CustomCalc:

  • Webster University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • New Mexico Highlands University
  • University of Colorado al Boulder
  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • University of Michigan
  • Grant MacEwan College
  • Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Waterford Institute, Inc.,
  • Kandee Eller
    "Fantastic! A Quick & Powerful Calculating Tool for your EVERY Need! CustomCalc is by far the best Calculating App on the market hands down! This is a powerhouse Application that I will use daily. It has many unique functions that help both Business professionals, students and the scientific minded as well. It is fully customizable and can perform right along with many of today’s leading financial and scientific calculators. You can say goodbye to lugging these bad boys around anymore! Thank you! I love the currency exchange feature as well as the unit conversions and Trigonometric/Algebraic mode. I have been playing with it for a few days now and I honestly don’t think the developers of this app missed a thing within "

  • Ariel Porchera
    "Best calculator app on market I tested several days and I have no plan to uninstalling it. Not only useful, but also is really light and fast to operate. Have tons of functions that I have no idea about, but for what I use its a big A++ Worth every single penny."

  • Eric Shinault
    "I teach finance to MBA students at Webster University and I always recommend your product. Its still the best finance calculator out there"

  • Leila Luotonen
    "I absolutely love the software. I'm currently taking a Managerial Finance course in my MBA program, and CustomCalc has made my life so easy. So thank you for a brilliant piece of software"