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CustomCalc offers to business & finance professionals a unique financial calculator with the most user-friendly format. Considered the perfect replacement for HP's and TI's calculators, it lets you carry in your smart phone a powerful financial and business calculator.

CustomCalc is a real pleasure to use, accurate, and fast. It has all math, trig, statistic, business, conversions, financial (including IRR and NPV), and every function you've ever need, on a simple, easy to use program.

  • Whether doing a quick LaPlace Transform, totaling a grocery list, or calculating a Good Faith Estimate on a Condo, CustomCalc is a powerful help
  • Customizing your own calculator is easy using CustomCalc. Using it makes you more efficient
  • The TVM and Cash flow sheets are perfect for people who work better in a visual environment.

In addition to the financial and mathematical functions found in a traditional calculator, CustomCalc offers the following features:

  • Break even analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Bond analysis
  • Time value of money table
  • Tax+, Tax- functions
  • Currency converter
  • Percentage, delta percent, and total percent of

Through a very quick access from the keyboard. Other functions frequently used in financial decisions are:

  • Interest Converter worksheet
  • Interest calculations in Nominal or Effective Rate per Year:

People from the next companies use CustomCalc:

  • Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)
  • Corning Incorporated
  • SmithBarney
  • Penn Mutual
  • ResourceBank
  • LPL Financial Services
  • CIBC (CA)
  • MidWestOne Financial Group Inc.
  • Eckler Partners Ltd.
  • Integrity Financial Advisory
  • Business Management Systems
  • Scarano Boat Building, Inc.
  • ICRealEstate
  • Satama Interactive
  • Rosy Blue Diamonds
  • TowerBank
  • Vivius
  • Mossberg & Company Inc.
  • Children's Hospital Boston - Harvard University
  • International Paper
  • Merrill Weiss Group LLC
  • ProvidenceCapital
  • Nick Thompson
    "What I was looking for is here!! If you're in business you need this one. Easy to use the financial, business, currency exchange functions. The best deal here is that you can customize your keyboard to work like a calculator. Fantastic."

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    "The best calculator I have tried dozens of calculator apps and this one is by far the best! It is very powerful and it is customizable like no other! A must have app!"

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    "I have trialled all the financial calculators that I could find and CustomCalc is the clear winner in my opinion"

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    "I am a financial professional and have been looking for a reasonably priced calculator program like this. The bond worksheet is excellent as is also the time value of money worksheet"