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Select up to 10 currencies to be displayed on the Worksheet, they will be automatically calculated each time you enter a value for any of them.

Any of this currencies, (or all) can be assigned to the keyboard for easy a fast conversions. Select them from the Define Button screen when you "long press" any button on the keyboard.

  • Just edit any value and CustomCalc will convert it automatically to all the other currencies.

  • To change one of the 10 displayed currencies, just tap on the symbol name and select from the list any currency of the world, CustomCalc will automatically update the actual exchange rate.

  • You may also manually define the exchange rate for any currency, just tab on the symbol name, and enter the new exchange rate.

  • To update all currencies exchange rates, just click on the "Update" button, please note that doing this will overwrite all the manual entered exchange rates.
Custom currency converter calculator for android