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Advanced math functions

Statistic Linear Regression Curves

CustomCalc automatic statistic worksheet ease your analysis, displaying all the information in one view, that is automatically updated each time you change a value in the data series.

Linear Regression analysis: Select from over 6 curves the one that best suits your data:

Linear: y = A + B·x
Natural Log: y = A + B·Ln(x)
Exponential: y = A·Bx
Power: y = A·xB
Quadratic: y = A + B·x²
Cubic: y = A + B·x³

Other statistical functions can be executed from the keyboard like

Combinations (x,y): will calculate the combinations of x in y.
Permutations (x,y): will calculate the permutations of x in y.
Factorial = n!: will calculate the factorial of x.
Random number: will generate a random number
Statistical Worksheet: will display the Statistical worksheet directly from the keyboard
Data in: will append a data pair to the database from the keyboard
Data edit: will display the database where you can edit, delete or append items
Statistics worksheet